A concept far beyond traditional gaming platforms, BetRoyale merges the luxury of royalty with the frontier of digital currency, creating an online casino experience powered by advanced technology.

👑 About BetRoyale

In the heart of SiGMA — the world's premier iGaming festival — a gathering of crypto Kings sparked an idea that would change the face of online gambling forever. The kings of crypto, visionaries of the digital arena, decided to embark on a grand project — to create a casino fit for royalty, BetRoyale — The King's Casino.

From its beginnings in January 2023, BetRoyale faced many challenges. Yet, navigated, emerging stronger and more prosperous. Within a mere six months, BetRoyale had achieved profitability, becoming the flagship brand on its cutting-edge Quantum technology platform. Today, we stand as strong, generating a remarkable monthly revenue while reinvesting every cent back into continuous growth.

BetRoyale is not merely a casino, it's an embodiment of luxury and sophistication, catering to the discerning tastes of high-rollers worldwide. Our features cater to every desire:

  • A luxurious pawn shop where you can trade your prized possessions for immediate rewards.

  • A luxury Asset marketplace with up to 60% discount for loyal royals.

  • A premium brand that exudes exclusivity.

  • The option to withdraw your winnings in the form of luxury assets, such as exquisite timepieces and fine jewelry.

  • Long-term rewards for loyal players, ensuring a steady stream of riches.

  • Exclusive player airdrops and monthly airdrop leaderboards, providing you with the chance to win even more.

🎲 To fuel this grand vision, BetRoyale has unveiled the Crowns token ($BCRN), a digital currency designed to reward players and investors alike. Crowns serve as the key to unlocking the casino's vast ecosystem, granting access to exclusive benefits and rewards.

The Crowns economy utilizes a unique buyback and burn mechanism that utilizes the casino revenue to buy back tokens and subsequently burning 50% tokens, decreasing the Token supply and ensuring that the value of crowns continues to appreciate overtime. The remaining 50% are used to reward our players for playing and engaging with the platform. This ingenuous strategy allows players and investors to share in the casinos’ prosperity, creating a win-win situation for all.

Embark on a journey into the realm of BetRoyale — The King's Casino, where luxury meets innovation. You hold the key to unlocking a world of endless possibilities, where you can live the King’s Lifestyle.

BetRoyale Partnerships

  • Partnership with established MMA event company Centurion FC: gain exposure to a large audience of MMA fans

  • Largest Casino on the Quantum platform: access to more support, lower fees, and higher priority support

  • Partnerships with SiGMA World's Gaming festival team and Ikigai ventures: receive guidance and support from industry experts

With a combination of innovative features and strategic partnerships, BetRoyale is poised to become a leading destination for luxury gambling.

🪙 Crowns Token ($BCRN)

Crafted with the future in mind, $BCRN seamlessly integrates into the gaming ecosystem, offering players more than just in-game purchases. It's a key that unlocks exclusive experiences, rewards, and features, transforming your gameplay into a treasure hunt. But BCRN is also a savvy investment, designed to appreciate in value through its innovative buy-back and burn mechanism, making you a stakeholder in the burgeoning digital entertainment empire.

What you can do with Crowns?

  • Buy luxury assets: use Crowns to purchase luxury items from the pawn shop

  • Gamble bonuses: earn bonuses when gambling with Crowns

  • Rakeback: receive a percentage based on your token holding of your losses back as Crowns

  • Long-term rewards: Earn Crowns over time by participating in the casino's ecosystem

  • Price increase from buy back and burn: the value of Crowns will increase as the casino buys back and burns tokens

  • Spend to earn: fractionalized NFT assets can be earned and vested into Crowns.

  • Monthly leaderboard: top gamblers and most active players will earn airdrop rewards

With a combination of innovative features and strategic partnerships, BetRoyale is poised to become a leading destination for luxury gambling.

🔗 Airdrop

In a strategic move, BetRoyale will distribute a total of 6% of the entire Crowns token supply through the airdrop programme. The airdrop is a continuously ongoing programme, rather than a single one-time event. This means that over the coming months, players will be able to earn aidrop tokens through various incentives to stimulate the ecosystem.

🚨 The airdrop programme will commence at the beginning of February. Please keep an eye on our socials for more information.

Participants can earn points through various activities, including:

  • Wagering: for every $1 wagered, you will earn 1 point.

  • Depositing: for every $10 deposited, you will earn 100 points.

  • Claiming bonuses: for every bonus offer taken, you will earn 500 points.

  • Referral: referrers will receive 10% of the points earned by their referred users.

  • Tasks: complete tasks in the task marketplace to earn airdrop points

Monthly Leaderboards

As part of the Airdrop programme, BetRoyale will launch monthly leaderboards based on the following criteria:

  • Total Points: the player with the highest total points at the end of the month will receive the largest reward.

  • Wagering Activity: players with the highest wagering volume will receive additional rewards.

  • Deposit Volume: players with the highest deposit volume will receive additional rewards.

  • Bonus Activity: players with the most bonus claims will receive additional rewards.

How can I participate in the BetRoyale Airdrop?

To participate in the Airdrop programme, it is required to create or own a BetRoyale account and play in the Casino, or earn points in the task marketplace. By participating in the Airdrop programme, you will:

  • Earn free Crowns

  • Support BetRoyale development of BetRoyale and the growth of the Crowns ecosystem.

  • Become a part of the BetRoyale community

🏦 The Kings Bank

The Kings Bank at BetRoyale introduces a new approach to collateralized lending, reminiscent of the high-stakes action seen in land-based casinos and iconic films like "James Bond: Casino Royale". This service empowers players by allowing them to use personal luxury items as collateral instead of traditional cash or cryptocurrency deposits.

Here's how it works:

  1. Collateral submission: players submit luxury items they own, such as watches, jewelry, or art, as collateral to receive credit for play on the BetRoyale platform.

  2. Gaming with value: this system enables players to engage in gaming without liquidating their potentially appreciating crypto assets or parting with cash.

  3. Win and reclaim: after playing, winners have the option to reclaim their collateralized item along with their monetary winnings, allowing them to enjoy the fruits of their success.

  4. Option to sell: alternatively, players can choose to sell their collateralized luxury item to BetRoyale, keeping their entire cash winnings, which could be an attractive option for those looking to streamline their possessions or simply capitalize on their assets' value.

🔁 Royale Exchange

BetRoyale's own exchange, RoyaleExchange, is a promising addition to our ecosystem, offering users a convenient and secure way to purchase $BCRN tokens at competitive prices.


  • RoyaleExchange provides a seamless and cost-effective platform for purchasing $BCRN tokens directly.

  • Users can stake their BCRN tokens directly within the exchange, potentially generating additional income.

  • BetRoyale's exchange also facilitates trading of other major cryptocurrencies, expanding user engagement and earning opportunities.

We bring you the ability to seamlessly purchase tokens, engage in gambling, purchase luxury items, and trade cryptocurrencies within a single platform presenting a unique and compelling value proposition for both players and investors.

💳 Marketplace

As the first web3 online casino to introduce a marketplace, BetRoyale is positioned as a pioneer in this innovation and exclusivity.

The marketplace offers players the chance to purchase a range of luxury items, including designer clothing, jewelry, and watches, at significantly reduced prices, with discounts reaching up to 60%. This unique offering not only enhances the player experience but also establishes BetRoyale as a pioneer in integrating luxury retail opportunities within an online casino platform, encouraging players to engage more deeply with the brand and its offerings.

💰 Staking

Introduction to Staking at BetRoyale

Staking in the cryptocurrency realm is a crucial process, and at BetRoyale, we take it seriously. Our esteemed 'Royals' – the token holders – engage in staking by locking or staking their BetRoyale Tokens. In recognition of their invaluable contribution, our Royals are rewarded with additional tokens, a token of our gratitude for their support.

The staking process simplified:

  1. Token holder's commitment: our users commit by locking a specified amount of BetRoyale Tokens in a designated contract or wallet.

  2. Enhancing network robustness: through staking, our users contribute to strengthening the network’s security, which is instrumental in facilitating smooth and secure transactions.

  3. Royal rewards: in appreciation of their loyalty, the king bestows BetRoyale tokens upon our royal stakers, with the reward amount being directly proportional to the staked tokens.

Benefits for royals:

  • Passive income stream: token holders earn passive rewards in BetRoyale tokens, augmenting their holdings.

  • Exclusive Royal care packages: stakers who also hold an account on BetRoyale.io are periodically gifted with surprise care packages. These may include Free Spins or Bonus Money, adding a touch of excitement to their experience.

  • Enhanced bonus offers: loyalty is rewarded with superior bonus offers. Stakers can expect either lower wagering requirements or increased bonus amounts as a royal thank-you.

Token Buyback Strategy

Our commitment at BetRoyale extends beyond gaming – we aim to ensure ongoing engagement and benefit for our $BCRN Token holders and the casino's revenue system.

We've introduced a unique buyback mechanism tailored to our ecosystem. Each month, a portion of the casino's revenue is allocated for the buyback of $BCRN Tokens. This strategic reinvestment serves a dual purpose:

  • Ecosystem reinvestment: 50% of the repurchased tokens are reinvested back into the ecosystem and reward pool, fostering continual growth and sustainability.

  • Revenue sharing with st

  • akers: the remaining 50% is distributed among our stakers, sharing the casino's success. This distribution is meticulously calculated, based on each staker's contribution to the pool.

Through this model, we not only reinforce the value of the $BCRN Token but also ensure that our loyal stakers are integral to, and benefit from, the casino's prosperity.

📈 Tokenomics Overview

General Information:

  • Token Ticker: $BCRN

  • Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000

  • Total Raise Amount: $4,832,500

  • Public FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation): 18 Million USD

  • Initial Market Cap with Liquidity: $968,400

  • Initial Market Cap without Liquidity: $536,400

  • Decimals: 18

  • Blockchain Chain: Currently Ethereum, a migration to Solana will happen before TGE

Ecosystem and Rewards Pool

The $BCRN token ecosystem pool plays a central role in bridging web3 users to the BetRoyale platform and its Web3 features. The ecosystem and rewards pool tokens are used across the casino to hand out bonuses and incentivize users to take part in the BetRoyale ecosystem.

Ecosystem Token Usage

  • Casino Rewards & Bonuses: one of the primary uses of the $BCRN token is to offer gamblers in the casino extra rewards and benefits for playing. This includes promotional activities and exclusive offers.

  • Staking Rewards: The ecosystem pool will also be used to distribute the staking rewards.

Token Distributions & Unlock Schedule

  • Table Definitions:

    • Category: A basket where tokens are allocated to be used for a specific purpose.

    • Token Allocation: The amount of tokens allocated from the total supply to a specific category.

    • TGE (Token Generation Event): The amount of tokens unlocked on the Token Generation Event (TGE), that can be used or moved.

    • Cliff Period: The period where tokens cannot be moved or sold and are not accessible.

    • Vesting Period: The Period where tokens are equally vested everyday and unlocked over a period of months or years.

    • Valuation: The valuation of the investor rounds and the public launch valuation (Total Supply x Price).

    • Sale Price: Token sale price.

  • Sale Stages and Raise Allocation:

  • Token Category Definitions and Info:

    • Pre-Seed/Phase 0 Phase 0 is the first initial fundraising round of BetRoyale, Selling 6% of the total supply of tokens / 60 Million Tokens at a Valuation of 6 Million USD / 0.006$ per token. Focused on Strategic investors and Early Stage Venture Capitals that can provide extensive value and have a strong understanding of web3. Phase 0 follows a unlock schedule of a 3% TGE, 2 month Cliff, and a 18 Month linear vesting. Phase 0 will have a raise target of $360,000.

    • Phase 1

      Phase 1 will be the second fundraising round of BetRoyale, Selling 9% of the total supply of tokens / 90 Million Tokens at a Valuation ranging from 8 Million USD / 0.008$ per token to 12 Million USD / 0.012$ per token. The reason for this is that the Seed round will be raised over 8 stages with slightly increasing valuations. As this raise will be mostly focused on Funds but also community. Phase 1 follows a unlock schedule of a 5% TGE, 2 month Cliff, and a 18 Month linear vesting. Phase 1 will have a raise target of $932,500.

    • KOL The KOL round is the Kol focused fundraising round of BetRoyale, Selling 2% of the total supply of tokens / 20 Million Tokens at a Valuation of 8 Million USD / 0.008$ per token. Focused on KOLs that can help promote Betroyale’s community raises but also build the exposure. The KOL round follows a unlock schedule of a 5% TGE, 2 month Cliff, and a 12 Month linear vesting. With a raise target of $160,000.

    • Phase 2

      Phase 2 will be the Third fundraising round of BetRoyale, Selling 19% of the total supply of tokens / 190 Million Tokens at a Valuation ranging from 13.5 Million USD 0.0135$ per token to 16 Million USD 0.016$ per token. The reason for this is that Phase 2 will be raised over 6 stages with slightly increasing valuations. As this raise will be mostly focused on community but may also be available to funds and launchpads. Phase 2 follows a unlock schedule of a 5% TGE, 2 month Cliff, and a 12 Month linear vesting. Phase 2 will have a raise target of $2,840,000.

    • Phase 3

      Phase 3 is the Kol focused fundraising round of BetRoyale, Selling 3% of the total supply of tokens / 30 Million Tokens at a Valuation of 18 Million USD / 0.018$ per token. Focused on Launchpads and the community raise. Phase 3 follows a unlock schedule of a 15% TGE, 0 month Cliff, and a 6 Month linear vesting. Phase 3 will have a raise target of $540,000.

    • Team

      The Team Category will be the tokens allocated to the team behind BetRoyale. To be distributed within the team as per the founders decisions and to be utilized in many ways surrounding team expansion, liquidity, staking and growth to fuel their consistent long term commitment on the project and tokens success. With an allocation of 5% of the total supply / 50 Million tokens following an unlock schedule of a 0% TGE, 12 month cliff and a 36 month linear vesting.

    • Ecosystem Rewards

      The Ecosystem Rewards Category will be the tokens allocated for all reward purposes within BetRoyale such as Staking rewards, platform based rewards, and more depending on what may be implemented in the future. With an allocation of 27% of the total supply / 270 Million tokens following an unlock schedule of a 0% TGE, 0 month cliff and a 72 month linear vesting.

    • Marketing

      The Marketing Category will be the tokens allocated for all Marketing related purposes including the token, ranging from Influencers, to cross marketing collaborations, events within the game, promotions etc, in order to help the game gain exposure, awareness and most importantly users . With an allocation of 6% of the total supply / 60 Million tokens following an unlock schedule of 0% TGE, 4 Month Cliff, 48 Month Vesting.

    • Airdrop

      The Airdrop Category will be the tokens used to onboard and bridge the existing users of the BetRoyale platform through promotional campaigns. These tokens will be used by the team to encourage existing and new users to the web3 component of the BetRoyale ecosystem. With an allocation of 6% of the total supply / 60 Million tokens following an unlock schedule of 10% TGE, 0 Month Cliff, 12 Month Vesting.

    • Liquidity

      The Liquidity Category will be the tokens allocated for all liquidity purposes surrounding Market Making and Liquidity Providing. To ensure that the token has sufficient liquidity on the traded exchange overtime and maintain a healthy token. With an allocation of 12% of the total supply / 120 Million tokens following a unlock schedule of 20% TGE, 0 Month Cliff, 20 Month Vesting.

    • Ambassadors

      The Ambassadors Category will be the tokens allocated for all Current and future ambassadors of BetRoyale. These tokens will be used for current and new ambassadors that are supporting BetRoyale with its objectives and success. With an allocation of 5% of the total supply / 50 Million tokens following an unlock schedule of 5% TGE, 4 Month Cliff, 36 Month Vesting.

This comprehensive tokenomics structure is designed to foster a robust and sustainable ecosystem, ensuring long-term growth and value for $BCRN Token holders and the BetRoyale platform.

🛣️ Roadmap

November 2022:

  • Conception of BetRoyale at Sigma.

Q1 2023:

  • Team assembly, platform development, regulatory compliance, and company establishment.

March 2023:

  • Launch of BetRoyale Website Version 1.

  • Initiation of first operations.

  • Equity raise of €180,000.

Q2 2023:

  • Implementation of basic CRM systems.

  • Introduction of first challenges and bonuses.

  • Bonus engine testing.

  • Development commencement for Website Version 1.1.

  • Beginning of new game provider setups.

  • Completion of CRM automations.

  • New bonus engine fully operational.

  • Website preparations for new games and live casino.

  • Sportsbook preparations.

  • First influencer/affiliate marketing push.

  • Milestone of 5,000 customers reached.

  • Completion of Website Version 1.1.

  • Sportsbook integration.

  • First sports bets placed.

  • Enhanced geo-targeted advertising and marketing.

  • Player segmentation by country and language to improve the gaming experience.

Q3 2023:

  • Attendance at various global conventions.

  • Shift in focus towards player retention and customer satisfaction.

  • Expansion and refinement of customer support.

  • Integration of new website features.

  • Preparations for VIP system implementation.

  • Design commencement for new website frontend.

  • Formation of an in-house streaming team.

  • Collaboration with popular streamers for viral content creation.

  • Onboarding of brand ambassadors.

  • Expansion of outreach.

  • Revenue milestone of €100,000 achieved.

Q4 2023:

  • Introduction of essential game providers.

  • Live casino launch.

  • Localization of website for different geographic regions.

  • Launch of geo-specific advertisements.

  • Onboarding of an affiliate manager team.

  • Expansion of operations and creation of new job opportunities.

  • Initial drafting of the $BCRN concept.

  • Technical groundwork for a transition to Web 3.0.

  • Conceptualization of Marketplace and Pawnshop.

  • Building a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) network.

  • Creation of the old GitBook.

  • Full development of the Token.

  • Development start for Pawnshop/Marketplace.

  • Commencement of community fundraising.

  • Onboarding of KOLs.

  • Hiring of CMO, CTO, and CBDO.

  • Revenue increase to €220,000.

  • Update of raise materials for enhanced transparency, including GitBook and Pitchdeck.

  • Initiation of an Airdrop.

  • Fundraising of €40,000.

  • Expansion of KOL pipeline to over 200.

  • Onboarding of 30 KOLs, including notable figures.

Q1 2024:

  • Team expansion to include community manager, moderators, social media managers, a business developer, and a personal assistant.

  • Onboarding of esports and growth hacking advisors.

  • Total of 50 KOLs onboarded.

  • Completion of 1% of the fundraising goal.

  • Activation of KOLs.

  • Tokenomics Update

  • Holders/Referrers Dashboard Launch

  • Launch Of Our Loyalty Program For Tokenholders

Q2 2024:

  • IDO

  • Exclusive Airdrops And Giveaways

  • DEX Listing

  • CEX Listing

  • $BCRN Airdrop

  • Blow up the Community

  • New redesign of Token and Casino websites.

  • Roadmap Update

Q3 2024:

  • First Buyback And Burn

  • NFT Launch

  • Start of Royale Games

  • Launch Of Our Exclusive $BCRN Marketplace

  • Launch Our Own Trading-Portal

  • Producing Gamefied Gambling games of viral content

  • Producing unique games for Web 3.0

  • Commencement Of The Token's Licensing As A Currency For Betroyale

  • Large Airdrops Monthly Kick-Off

Q4 2024:

  • White labeling Royale Games

  • Community Events

Q1 2025:

  • Incubator for Web2 Casinos who want to transition into Web 3

  • Launchpad for Web2 Casinos who want to transition into Web 3

💰 Ecosystem Rewards

The program incentivizes users across various activities:

  1. Exchange volume: rewards for trading, such as bonus tokens or reduced fees.

  2. Investing in tokenized assets: benefits for investing, like dividends or profit shares.

  3. Pawning items: incentives for pawning, such as favorable terms or higher valuation.

  4. Buying pawned items: perks for purchasing, including discounts or exclusive access.

  5. Daily quests: daily rewards for completing specific platform-related tasks.

Our platform introduces Ecosystem Rewards, which provide players with free tokens based on the volume of their past gambling activities. These rewards have a vesting schedule, and their volume correlates with the amount played over a period of two years.

The system operates as follows:

  1. Players receive free tokens as a form of cashback based on the gambling volume they've created over the past. This introduces a delayed reward system that pays out based on activities conducted possibly "ages ago".

  2. These tokens are vested and distributed over two years, creating a long-term engagement strategy.

  3. If a player does not log in weekly, or if their account becomes deactivated, the pending rewards are forfeited.

  4. The rewards are calibrated in a way that the more a player plays, the higher the reward, incentivizing not just retention but potentially higher volumes of play to achieve greater rewards.

  5. The large rewards at higher tiers essentially provide a significant monthly bonus that can be used for further betting, creating a cycle of reinvestment that benefits the player.

Rewards Policy: Players must log in at least once a week to claim their rewards. If a player fails to log in during a 7-day period or if their account is deactivated, any unredeemed rewards are forfeited.

Buyback and Burn policy, directly tying the platform's success to the players' rewards. A percentage of BetRoyale's monthly revenue is allocated to a dual-purpose mechanism:

Buyback: 50% of the allocated revenue is used to purchase $BCRN tokens from the market. This serves two objectives:

  • Burning: the purchased tokens are then 'burned,' effectively removing them from circulation. This scarcity mechanism is designed to create deflationary pressure on the token, theoretically increasing its value over time due to reduced supply.

  • Rewarding players: the other half of the buyback tokens are redistributed to the players. This not only incentivizes continued play but also ensures that a portion of the tokens are likely to re-enter the ecosystem, either through further gambling (thus being subject to potential burn again) or other platform interactions, such as exchange volume, investment in tokenized assets, and the pawning and purchasing of items.

The economic model of BetRoyale is designed to create a positive feedback loop that benefits both the token's value and the players. Here's a breakdown of the cycle:

  • 50% of tokens are burnt, reducing the overall supply.

  • 50% of tokens are redistributed to players as rewards.

  • Players reinvest their rewards, perpetuating the cycle.

  • Volume-based rewarding incentivizes high-volume players.

  • Sustained engagement ensures platform liquidity and continuous burning/rewarding.

This model creates a self-sustaining loop where burning tokens potentially increases their value, rewards encourage more gambling, and gambling leads to more burning.

🕹️ Degen Crypto Games

BetRoyale's "Degen Crypto Games" is a vital component of its web 3.0 gamblefi ecosystem, tailored specifically for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders.

These games are designed to challenge and entertain players with a deep interest in the crypto world. A standout feature is the “Degen Coin Tipper,” where players can place bets against others on their preferred cryptocurrencies, such as Shiba Inu versus Doge, with dynamic odds that make the gameplay exciting and potentially lucrative.

In addition to these unique betting games, BetRoyale also incorporates features like lending and borrowing, a pawnshop for crypto assets, and the concept of fractionalized assets, further enhancing the platform's appeal to a crypto-savvy audience.

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